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Partnership Vision

At Micron, it’s about key people working together to build the next world-changing idea. By turning ideas into action, we can enable a mutually profitable relationship that reduces risk, provides for compliance and business continuity, and goes beyond competitive pricing.


Supplier Expectations

Micron expects our suppliers to meet high standards of ethical performance in all of their business interactions. We hold our suppliers to our Code of Conduct and our standards of ethical conduct. In addition, our suppliers must follow RBA standards on labor, health, safety, environment, ethics and management system—regardless of local law or custom. Our suppliers are expected to ensure that the products and services they provide to us are in line with all contract specifications, laws and regulations that apply.Additionally, we are committed to sourcing our materials ethically and legally. This means we perform proper due diligence on our product supply chain. We identify and address any conflict mineral sourcing that may be directly or indirectly supporting civil violence or human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries.

Prospective Suppliers

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Existing Suppliers

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